Course Overview

Lake Rumble Run - Course Maps

The Lake Rumble Run is steeped in training tradition by our local training group over the years. The course hugs the banks of Lake Joondalup in the beautiful setting of Yellagonga Park in Joondalup, offering a fast track with very subtle undulations and protected from the elements.


The race distance options are - 5km, 14km, 28km and 42.2km marathon distance.​

  • 5km Run - is a single 1 x Lap out and back loop 

  • 14km Run - is a single 1 x dual out and back loop 

  • 28km Enduro - is a dual 2 x Lap out and back loop   

  • 42.2km Marathon - is a 3 x Lap out and back loop (Note the Marathon Start is offset 195m)

  • Each lap will navigate past the Start/Finish area at Neil Hawkins Park.

  • 14km, 28km and 42km athletes head North initially before returning past the Start/Finish and then do the Southbound loop before returning past the Start/Finish for the completion of a single 14km lap.  The loops all stay within the western side of Lake Joondalup.

Special Needs Drinks

  • Both 28km and 42km athletes have the option of placing special needs drinks at the Start/Finish locale to use with each lap.  This is in addition to the aid stations that will be available.

Rumble map_long_full 2021 v1.png